The entrepreneur received assistance under the government program called: "Assistance to energy-intensive sectors related to sudden increases in natural gas and electricity prices in 2023."

The integrated pallet system APPA®

Ecological substitute of wooden pallets. Wide scale of dimensions and durability.

The integrated pallet system APPA® combines an durable material which is a honeycomb board with our pallet foot with a strength of up to 10 tons of load. Cardboard pallets, due to their numerous advantages, are very popular in many countries of Western Europe. Light and resistant up to 1200kg load. APPA cardboard pallets are designed using PALLRUN® pallet foot. They are 100% made of cardboard, do not require fumigation (deworming) and they are resistant to moisture. They are available in all standard sizes as well as made to measure. This system improves work ergonomics, provides lower gross truck load, it simply save your company’s money and It is 100% recyclable.



  • Available in sizes 1200x800, 1200x1000, 800x600, 600x400 as well as made to measure
  • Table top made of honeycomb board
  • Pallet foot with a hot-melt adhesive with a durability up to 10 tons of weight
  • Any configuration of the system and the number of feet
  • Pallets load capacity up to 1200kg
  • Resistant to moisture


  • Improves work ergonomics
  • Light
  • Fulfill the phytosanitary requirements of ISPM 15 International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15
  • Made entirely of paper, so it can be recycled
  • Up to 80% lighter than wooden equivalent
  • Ecological

Market sectors:

  • Consumer products
  • Advertisement
  • Electronics
  • Industry
  • Transport

Dariusz Nowak

Business Development Manager
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