The entrepreneur received assistance under the government program called: "Assistance to energy-intensive sectors related to sudden increases in natural gas and electricity prices in 2022."

Ecology is essential to our company

Creation of large amount of waste is more and more serious and visible problem to plethora of companies.

Our company, to which ecology is essential, takes a number of eco-actions in all fields of its activity, in production, sales, in the office and transport.

Our management takes into consideration all green aspects in making even the most basic decisions on choice of products, materials or external suppliers. Such procedures and environmental policy are reflected in basic day-to-day activities.

Introduction of procedure standards and requiring them not only from our employees but also from co-workers and external suppliers makes our company more and more ECO from day to day.

By concentrating both on the environment and ecology, in each situation the company helps and supports its customers and suppliers at any ecological actions taken by it.

At the same time, the company is open to start cooperation with each new supplier of waste paper.

Further information can be obtained from the following telephone number: +48 77 400 43 54